King Artavasdes of Armenia
Takes His Leave

Much to Our dismay and consternation, Our Majesty has been forced to come to the conclusion that Our military alliance with Antony has proven unsatisfactory and cannot be continued in good conscience. While We remain a friend and partner of Rome, the triumvir and his command have 1) not shown proper deference to Our royal rank, 2) shown themselves utterly lacking in cross-cultural awareness,
3) failed to view geopolitics as anything other than armed confrontation with enemies of their own making, 4) ridiculed Our attempts to initiate a peace process, 5) remained stubbornly stuck in anti-Parthian ideology despite Our best efforts to help them to transcend their infantile convictions, and 6) generally adhered to a modus operandi of doing much while knowing little. We and Our men-at-arms thus take our leave and return to Our homeland.